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Persephone (though she sometimes still goes by Laura) is an actual literal god, and part of that is the power to inspire mortals. Most of how this is done is through her voice, particularly music, though just her presence can have an effect on people.

Not all mortals are susceptible. Most people aren't affected by all the gods, and some hear none at all; teenagers and young adults seem more likely to be influenced by them, but even for them, not every god can sway every mortal.

Those who are affected by her will know immediately that she is something more than human: it's something like a fairy glamour, making her seem more interesting, more charming, more attractive, just more than mortals. It makes people want to be around her, makes them want to listen to her - it's strongest when she's performing in some way, though she doesn't need to do that to influence someone. She can't make anyone do anything, because the extent of this power is capturing and holding attention and making them believe her... but she can make that in itself dangerous enough, if she's inclined.

(There is a possibility repeated personal exposure to gods, outside of performances, would make people less affected and impressed by them, if not totally immune to their effects.)

The effect she has on people lingers, too; people who have been affected by Persephone will tend to be more stubborn or bullheaded afterward, and more inclined to be vengeful towards people who have wronged them.

Persephone is pretty chill unless you piss her off, at which point she may attempt to curse your character. While the curse will be minor and temporary (unless you'd like something bigger and/or more permanent), whether or not her attempt works will be up to the player.

If you have or would like CR with Persephone, please fill this out so I have it available for easy reference. :)

Yes, most of this was written by [personal profile] ofinspiration. No, I don't care, because it's perfect.
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C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Laura Wilson / Persephone
CANON: The Wicked + The Divine
POINT IN CANON: the end of issue #11
AGE: 17
APPEARANCE: As Persephone, As Laura
CANON HISTORY: Okay so the first thing you gotta understand is that every 90 years, a pantheon of 12 gods awaken, inspire art and blow people away, and within 2 years, they're dead. In the 1920s, the Pantheon awakened, and died, as they had for all of recorded history, as far as we know.

Sometime in 2013, they started coming back again.

They were rock stars. They got on stage and they SANG, and it was the most unreal thing around. This time, they were centered in London, and one London girl was REALLY into them, even before the Recurrence (what they call the pantheon awakening over and over again). That girl was Laura Wilson.

Laura's the biracial daughter of two lower-middle-class parents, the oldest of two children, and was (when the Recurrence began) 16 years old. She'd been interested in it for a long time, specifically because it would be happening when she was in her teens or 20s, and as soon as the gods started to show themselves, she started doing everything she could to go to as many shows as possible.

On New Year's 2014, she snuck out to an Amaterasu concert, and after she'd woken up from being passed out (a common occurrence, and Laura was the last one down and first one awake), she woke up to find another member of the pantheon, Lucifer, crouched over her. Luci decided she was interesting and took her to the afterparty. It was less a party and more a handful of pantheon members in a room while Amaterasu gave an interview. Which was all well and good until a couple of guys on a rooftop across the street from the penthouse they were in decided to open fire. A couple of incidentals (aka - not the pantheon and not Laura) were killed, and Luci jumped up and, with a click of her fingers, exploded the heads of the would-be assassins.

Obviously that was kind of messy (in more ways than one). Luci got arrested, and at her trial (or something court-related?) she mocked the court and jokingly clicked her fingers, not intending to DO anything… and the judge's head exploded. Laura was the only one who really saw Luci's face in that split second. Luci didn't do it, and Laura realized that, which means someone set Luci up.

Laura took initiative and talked her way into visiting Luci in prison, and started taking messages back and forth from Luci to Ananke (the… den mother, so to speak, of the pantheon). Ananke's "sorry, you gotta stay in jail" message pissed Luci off, and she broke out of prison. A fight ensued, Laura rescued Luci right up until Ananke showed up to click her fingers and explode Luci's head. There was some statement about "we police our own" made to the media, Laura got on the news because she was distraught and covered in Luci's blood, and that was that. Laura's parents took her home. Laura pulled out a cigarette Luci had given her and jokingly clicked her fingers like Luci would to light the cigarette.

That was when everything started to get weird. Yes, then, not before.

Because the cigarette lit.

And then nothing happened. Laura developed a compulsive finger-clicking habit. And, after a few weeks, she was contacted by Inanna, and started investigating who might have set Luci up. Many things happened. Honestly, most of them were unimportant. But the conclusion of it was that Cassandra (a journalist who'd been helping them) both found out the identities of the attempted murderers Luci had killed, and been awakened as the final god in the pantheon. Which was of course a bit of a blow to Laura, who'd been hoping (however irrationally) that it was going to be her. Still, she took it like a champ, went to Cassandra's first show, did some comforting of the woman who took the spot she wanted, and then went home.

Home, where Ananke was waiting for her in the garden to tell her that she'd seen many girls over the years wishing so hard to join the pantheon, and being disappointed. And then?

Then Ananke awakened her as Persephone.

This either broke the rules, proved that the rules weren't as rule-like as everyone was led to believe, or meant that one of the pantheon (probably Baphomet) wasn't actually TECHNICALLY a god or part of the pantheon. But more immediately importantly than that, Ananke encouraged Persephone to sing. Which she did, tears of joy streaming down her face. At which point, of course, Ananke clicked her fingers and engulfed Persephone in flames, killing her.


It's such a CHEERFUL comic.

Laura Wilson is stubborn as shit. Persephone isn't stubborn because Laura is (she's stubborn, but that's not Laura's fault), but that's a fact. And while she might be Persephone now, that doesn't erase who she was before. It just transforms it. So Laura is stubborn. When she decides she's going to do something, there is next to nothing you can do to stop her. This goes for anything from sneaking out to go to a concert her parents don't approve of to lying her way into prison to see Lucifer after she'd been arrested. She will not be swayed once she's decided to do something, unless you can provide her with an alternative that also fulfills her goals.

Laura also likes sticking her nose into things that catch her interest. She's not precisely a good investigative journalist or detective type person, but when she wants to find something out, she puts that stubbornness to use and sticks her nose into as much business as she can, trying to find the answers. In the end, she's more likely to get other people caught up in her curiosity and search for answers and get answers from THEM than she is to find the answers herself, but the end result is the same. She likes to know things. She likes to understand things. And when things don't make sense, she likes to try to find out why.

Obviously those things combine very easily to make her an extremely driven person… when she wants to be. When she has something she's interested in, that she's determined to see through, she's all but unstoppable. She will persevere through all sorts of trials and tribulations and etc. If she's invested enough. If not, she more or less doesn't give a fuck, but when she does give fucks, she will find a way to see things through, even when it's nearly impossible.

Laura is also very attached to the idea that she is herself and no one else. She's an individualist - she tries to actively look at the popular trends and only go along with them if she actually is personally interested in them. Sure, she's willing to dress the hell up for a concert, down to wearing a wig to play up the Amaterasu-derived look she was going for, but on a day to day basis? She wears an oversized men's coat over everything. She doesn't care what PEOPLE think. She cares what GODS think, to a certain extent, but now she's one of them, which means that she can be exactly who she wants to be and nothing else. She's still not sure how that'll fall out, but that's what's happening for her.

Despite how much she tries to be individualistic and self-sufficient, Laura does have a deep empathetic streak. She is capable of understanding almost anyone's point of view, if she knows them well enough (and it doesn't take that much). And she is willing, for people she cares about, to put aside her own feelings to help support or comfort them. She doesn't do this for just anyone, because she can be and often is exceptionally selfish, but when it comes to people she cares about and important things, she will put aside anything in order to support them. She loves her people deeply - it's not exactly loyalty, but it's determination to follow things through, on top of that love she feels.

While she wasn't specifically vengeance-driven before, awakening as Persephone is likely to have awakened a distinct vengeful streak in her. Before, she's happy if someone pays some price of some sort for messing with her people. Now, it tends to get a bit overblown. Someone insults or harrasses a person she cares about, and she will rain down as much vengeance as she is capable of raining down. Persephone is not a forgiving goddess, and she is in fact one you should be afraid of - even other gods are wary of her. Her responses may be disproportionate, but they are very emotionally driven - so one would be wise to beware of fucking with Persephone's people if they don't want to be fucked with.

  • General invulnerability - for the most part it is very very difficult for a human to hurt her. Unless she sings (at which point she's at her most vulnerable and can be killed as easily as any human, if she doesn't notice you trying) or otherwise makes herself vulnerable, she has a higher durability than humans, and would really need someone on her level or higher to do serious damage.
  • Enhanced strength and speed - not to the degree that Luci has, she is unlikely to be on the level of the other physical powerhouses in the pantheon, but she's definitely above baseline human.
  • Fire creation/manipulation - likely not to the extent of, say, Lucifer, but Persephone is the queen of the underworld, and likely also takes cues from the lord of the underworld she's found herself matched with - in this case, Lucifer. She's shown to, at the very least, be able to light a cigarette (once when she was still unawakened, even), and it's reasonable to assume it would go beyond that.
  • Curses - well, we COULD go with greek mythology-level "i will curse you to be a spider" (that wasn't Persephone, but I"m just saying) but really it probably plays out more along the lines of "I curse you with a limp dick" or "I curse you to be unable to eat cheese" and for the purposes of the game, I'm gonna say stuff like that both takes a lot of energy for her and will wear off eventually. She could probably also cause pains and pricks and aches, given the very hollywood-voodoo-esque look she's got going for her - little things like a charley horse in your thigh to a slightly more dramatic "your hair is coming out". I'M REALLY NOT GOING TO USE THIS ONE MUCH FWIW AND IT WILL BE WITH PERMISSION ONLY.
  • Healing - Persephone is not precisely a healing goddess, but when a goddess of the underworld and reincarnation sees a serious injury - fatal or potentially fatal if improperly treated - she can simply decide "no, it's not time for this". It takes effort and decision and it won't work for anything not serious, but it can be done.
  • Darkness - The underworld gods in general seem to have some control over darkness and shadows, hiding in them to avoid notice unless they desire, bringing pure darkness down where there's light that should chase it away. Not like in full sunlight or anything, but.
  • Inspiration - Gods inspire mortals. That's specifically why they keep coming back. There's something about them that captures the attention and creativity of people who are susceptible to them. Not everyone is - most people can be affected by at least one god, usually more than one. A handful are affected by all or none of them. Young adults and teenagers are particularly affected - probably because they're the ones who will be creating the future of the world after the pantheon leaves. To those she affects she seems like she's bigger, better, and just MORE than a normal human, and they want to spend time near her or listen to her. Singing is the most concentrated way of affecting people - overloading them with pure inspiration and power to the point that many will pass out from the experience. The effect lingers for a time, leaving those affected by her inclined towards stubbornness, and more than a little vengeful towards those who wrong them.

INVENTORY; her clothes and jewelry, and half a pack of cigarettes

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Some of the abilities section is logical extrapolation based on what the other gods are able to do, as we currently have limited information about Persephone's abilities. Her healing, cursing, and darkness abilities all will need to be explored and practised before she will be able to use them effectively, because she is still acclimating to her godhood, and also the powers as presented and how they will be used are distinctly nerfed from the possibilities in canon. It's very hard when you're literally apping a deity. XD

S A M P L E S;
Well… I gotta say this is not what I was expecting the afterlife to be like. To the point that I'm pretty sure it's not the afterlife at all.

[ She brushes her hair back and smiles sweetly ] I'm Persephone. I'm sure many of you met my friend in the white suit earlier. Luci. Lucifer, really. Yes, we are actually gods. I know most of you probably won't believe it, but it's true.

[ She sighs, and looks off into the distance for a moment. ]

Things are… fucked up, to put it lightly. I'd appreciate any information anyone can give me about what's going on. Also, you should probably try not to piss Luci off.

She does love setting shit on fire.

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